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About Graduation Show

Vilnius Academy of Arts presents the first public show of its students‘ final artworks. All the final theses, defended this year at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, will be presented to the public.

The VDA Graduation Show is the first opportunity to see the artworks of the entire VDA 2023 graduates’ cohort, scattered around the VDA spaces and various galleries in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda and Telšiai. This is an excellent opportunity to meet the next generation of young artists, designers, architects, restorers and art critics, and to discover the latest trends in contemporary art and design.

The graduation show marks the end of a lifetime of study, culminating in the award of a diploma and a performance for the public. At the same time, it marks the beginning of an independent, long awaited career as an artist. It is a longed-for, but not a safe stage for everyone.

The graduation show, open to the general public, is an opportunity created by the Academy for each young artist to present his or her creative position to the audience, to become visible and attract the attention of experts. It is important that, if you have high expectations and dreams, the end should be marked by an event that testifies to the fact that you are getting closer to the fulfilment of those dreams.

The show follows the principle of “student to student”. The VDA students of the Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Fine Arts Studies and Curatorship, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Elona Lubytė, have been invited to curate it.

From the 2nd to the 16th of June the Academy is opening up its entire premises – from classrooms to basements – also through collaboration with museums and galleries. During the two-week show, visitors will be able to see more than 300 art projects representing different artistic study programs.